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About Our Phamily

Philadelphia Alliance of Music (PHAM) Entertainment Group is a full service management company that specializes in audio recording, production, distribution and placements. We represent artist and connect them to exclusive opportunities. With well over thirty years of vase resources at our disposal in the entertainment and media industries, PHAM has built an impressive world-wide network of industry professionals and partnerships which collectively execute any type of project with creativity.

To maximize on all potential streams of venue, PHAM has reach and access to industry heavy-weights in the television and digital media arena. Through our strong relationships we are able to negotiate deals for artist content to be distributed via Live Streaming, I-Pad/I-Phone, Android, You Tube Google TV, X-Box, Wii, IP-TV. We are constantly on the pulse of new and emerging digital technologies but also provide content placement on traditional cable and television networks.

Music Sync Placements

PHAM's management team provides a distinctive fusion of talent and business management services, emphasizing career guidance, contract negotiation, and securing placements for our clients' work. With a primary focus on empowering artists, we excel in assessing individual needs and implementing strategic plans to advance their careers in today's dynamic and competitive industry. Our comprehensive approach ensures that each artist under our management receives tailored support and guidance to flourish in the ever-evolving entertainment landscape.

Talent Management 

PHAM has its own writers, and presently has a number of programs in development. One of which, “THE MAMBO” is now going to production and is presently being observed by HBO, FX, and SYFY networks as well.

Film/Television/Streaming Services

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