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We Are A State Of The Art Management Company

What We Do

Artist Management

PHAM’s management team has the ability to assess each artist’s individual needs and execute a plan to advance the artist’s career forward in today’s aggressive and ever-changing industry. PHAM uses all the resources at its disposal to develop each artist’s strength as well as weaknesses through voice training, exercises regiment, image development, diet and diction.



PHAM has its own writers, and presently has a number of programs in development. One of which, “THE MAMBO” is now going to production and is presently being observed by HBO, FX, and SYFY networks as well.

Artist Management


PHAM fully understands the financial investment needed to execute successful tours. Through private investors, corporate sponsorships and selling advertising we are capable of supplementing a tour budget with any and all necessary negotiations and contracts for all financial contributions and returns on investment.​


To maximize on all potential streams of venue, PHAM has reach and access to industry heavy-weights in the television and digital media arena. Through our strong relationships we are able to negotiate deals for artist content to be distributed via Live Streaming, I-Pad/I-Phone, Android, You Tube Google TV, X-Box, Wii, IP-TV. We are constantly on the pulse of new and emerging digital technologies but also provide content placement on traditional cable and television networks.


PHAM handles all necessary pre-production logistics such as booking the hottest new producers, arranging studio recording sessions at various state of the art studios, and incorporating the hottest songwriters of our time to insure a masterfully crafted product.


PHAM has a state of the art production team in place to execute all live recorded shows. From creative concept through to final edit our live performance professionals include Tour Managers, Production Managers, Tour Directors, Musical Directors, Show Designers, Show Directors. Our dedicated team ensures that we deliver a first class production, while preserving the integrity, vision and creativity of the artist.

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