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Darren E.

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    In all his glory, Darren E. is an songwriter by definition. Growing up in a family-oriented environment, Darren Eugene has inherited the soul of musical artistry.  His eldest brother first introduced him to music through instruments such as drums, and the piano, wasn’t until Darren left college to pursue his dream he found writing to be his outlet.


“Music takes me through stories, music is life. Music determines how I get dressed in the morning, and that’s a true story, never thought ‘Just Words” would captivate me in such a way”


     Through  his  relationships  with  cousin  Erika  Liles  and  Husband Kevin  Liles, Darren has been exposed to what inspiration, dedication and a lot of hard work can do for a young man. Darren uses music to take his audience on a lyrical voyage. His goal is to use the power of music to put a smile in the hearts of people he will never probably come in contact with. 



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